WordPress Security Infographic

WordPress Security & Hacks Infographic

With over 556 Million websites getting hacked each year, website security should be a major focus for website owners. WordPress is one of the World’s most popular Blogging and CMS sites making it a popular site for hackers. It has an estimated 76.4 million websites on its server and is continuing to grow. This infographic explains how hacks occur, the dangers and how you can make your WordPress Website safe.

Around 200,000 WordPress Websites have been hacked in previous years and the number is continuing to rise as hackers learn new techniques.

How Do WordPress Websites Get Hacked?

They’re certain areas where hackers mainly gain access. These areas are the hosting + PC malware, Themes, Plugins and also weak passwords.

Hosting + PC Malware – 41%
Themes – 29%
Plugins – 22%
Weak Passwords – 8%

A major reason why WordPress Websites are left vulnerable is not being up to date with the latest version of WordPress. It is reported that only an average of 22% of WordPress Websites are registered to be up to date.


Why Do WordPress Sites Get Hacked?

– Gathering Data
– Steal Personal Files
– Inject Arbitrary HTML
– Edit Your Posts
– Placement of links Turn Your Site Into a Link-Network
– Remove Your Site
– Redirect Traffic to a Specific Site
– Cause Your Site to Crash

Every second circa 17 posts are published on WordPress, Globally which is a massive figure. This translates into 1.5 million posts, on average, per day. On average a website is hacked every 5 seconds

How Do I Keep my Site Safe From Hackers?

– Regular Back-Ups of your Website
– Using a Strong Password
– Protect your WordPress wp-admin folder
Update to Most Current Version of WordPress

– Reliable Plugins & Themes
– Trusted Hosting Companies

WordPress has over 34,000 Plugins – This number will continue to increase as the number of WordPress Users increase.

Wordpress Infographic

WordPress Infographic for WP Hacks & Security


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