5 Top Marketing Blogs by The Techy Marketer

The Techy Marketer, a.k.a Nievalyn Keel, is a digital marketing enthusiast with plenty of useful information in her blogs to benefit both business and personal WordPress users. She approaches even the most complex marketing subjects with an easy to read style and a great sense of humour, so that information becomes accessible for practically anyone. As well as blogging, she also maintains an always informative (and often hilarious) Twitter and Instagram. Here’s a list from us at WP Carers of the 5 Top Marketing Blogs by The Techy Marketer.


Top Marketing Blogs

1. 5 Tips Toward Personal Brand Building – Personal Branding

In this blog post on personal branding, Keel highlights the need to align your social media activity with your career goals in recent years. The 5 valuable pieces of advice include keeping the overly-personal away from your social media presence and using an application like Hootsuite or Buffer to keep abreast of what’s happening on your different social media accounts.


Top Marketing Blogs

2. Why Should I Use Twitter – Twitter Marketing Strategy

I count this amongst the top marketing blogs I’ve read because of how much it enlightened me about Twitter as a social media platform. This social media blog explores why Twitter is not as popular as Facebook, offering the explanation that most people don’t know what to do on Twitter! Twitter is most popular with its early adopters and tech enthusiasts, we never thought about this before, probably because we belong to the second group! Keel traces the development of The Techy Marketer persona/brand on Twitter, providing us with plenty of tips along the way.


Top Marketing Blogs

Image: TheTechyMarketer.com

3. Writing and SEO Tips to Increase Web Traffic – Blogging Tips

Here, Keel stresses that since web content standards have improved, how you write is as important as what you write. She also makes the point that good content is magnetic, and defines content (it may be more complex than you think!). The blogging tips are split into easy to read sections: Writing Tips, SEO, Spam Flags and Tips to Improve Website Traffic.


Top Marketing Blogs

Image: www.thetechymarketer.com

4. Top 3 Reasons B2Bs Need Social Media – Social Media Blog

This blog was inspired by a question Keel was asked by her husband regarding B2B Social Media. Keel narrows it down to “Social media is a necessary tool for branding through storytelling, thought leadership and engagement”. It is this that makes TheTechyMarketer amongst the top marketing blogs, the ability to define broad topics in clear, concise terms.


Top Marketing Blogs

Image: Twitter

5. Live Tweeting an Event? 5 Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck РTop Marketing Blogs

In this social media blog post, Keel underlines the benefits to live-tweeting professional webinars and events. She traces her own experiences with live-tweeting and the emphasis it has on your Twitter marketing strategy. Finally, she shares 5 tips to make live-tweeting easier and to maximise the growth of your list of followers.

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