Infographic: Why WordPress?

If you’re wondering why your business should use WordPress to build your online brand, here some reasons we at WP Carers have collected! Enjoy our blogpost: Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website.

It’s a common misconception that WordPress is just a blogging platform. In fact, it’s a versatile Content Management System that can be used to create any type of website. It’s possible to mould your WordPress site into a blog, a gallery, a portfolio, a ratings website, an eCommerce store, a membership site and any number of other things!

WordPress powers 23.3% of all the websites on the internet. That’s over 75 million websites! WordPress is used by some of the world’s biggest brands such as Time, BBC America and Google.

WordPress is easy to use, even for those without website design experience. WordPress is fully extendable with themes and plugins. There are over 2600 free WordPress themes and over 41,000 free WordPress plugins (this number is growing daily!). WordPress is available internationally, in 157 different languages.



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