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WP Carers is tasked with WordPress maintenance for this website, which publishes reviews of the best headphones and other tech products.

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There are few areas of consumer tech that have undergone such innovation the best headphones and best earbuds.

People who buy headphones of this high standard tend to be incredibly discerning. Therefore, the client prudently wants to minimize or eliminate any disruption to his audience’s browsing experience.


Best Headphones from Top Audio Brands

In deference to exacting consumer tastes, then, the post features products only by innovators—Beats by Dre, Harman/Kardon, Bowers & Wilkins, Bose, Jabra, Sony, JBL, Oppo, Skullcandy and Creative Aurvana.

Featured products here include Beats by Dre’s Solo2; Creative Aurvana Platinum; Oppo PM-3s, and the affordable yet high quality Skullcandy Grind.

The content examines the headphones, particularly from the point of view of value for money. With the exception of the SkullCandy set, none of these headphones are within the reach of the average consumer. They are for enthusiasts only.

Reviewers here acknowledge that not everyone will choose all of the headphones featured here. That is why there is a diversity of products, from budget-busting studio standards to affordable gems.

This best headphones review is a good example of what this client does, because it typifies the consumer tech focus posts on the site.

The focus on renowned brands is allied with an effort to ensure diverse price points. Reviewers attempt to break down what money will buy you in terms of features and sound quality.

While Beats and Oppo PM3 headphones are not for casual browsers, there is certainly something here for enthusiasts.

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