5 Best Blog Posts by Tecdr – Tech Blogger

Here at WPCarers we love our tech bloggers, blogs are a great way to keep up to date with the latest tech news.  One of our recent favourites is Irish blog Tecdr. Ronan’s posts are well thought out and informative while still entertaining. He mainly writes about security in technology, but his posts about internet ethics are unparalleled. For today’s post we’ve decided to count down the “5 Best Blog Posts by Tecdr”.


5. Digital Footprints – Best Blog Posts

This blog post deals with something we should all be aware of when using the Internet: the digital footprints we leave behind us. This post references the American cryptographer Bruce Schneier and runs through the common ways in which people are not security conscious enough on the web. Tecdr’s main focus on this post is the sign-up forms that some sites require. This post provides plenty of useful information for staying safe online, I certainly will think twice before signing up to site through Facebook!


4. Common Sense Helps Keep You Secure – Technology Articles

Here, Tecdr points out the cockiness native to Apple users regarding security and anti-virus software. He recalls his personal experience with the Garda Siochana virus, which was widespread in Ireland. It involved a message which stated that the user was guilty of unauthorised cyber-activity and asked for credit card details to deduct a €100 fine in order for the user to use their computer again. Also, this blog post provides great tips for secure web use to avoid falling victim to scams or viruses.


3. Driverless Cars – Tech News Today

This is one of Tecdr’s most entertaining posts, it tackles the technology of the near future! Those familiar with the latest tech news will be aware of the Internet of Everything, which may eventually allow for whole cities being autonomous and user-friendly. For the moment however, we will have to be content with driverless cars. As the blog post states, Renault-Nissan, Tesla and Volvo all have design plans in the pipeline. Tecdr expertly navigates the safety issues around hypothetical driverless cars. In theory, they could be safer as human error is eliminated, but what are the implications of a traffic system that can be hacked?


2. Shopping Online Safely and Securely – Best Blog Posts

This blog post highlights the risks to consider when shopping online, many of which are often forgotten. Tecdr explains safe methods of payment such as prepaid credit and debit cards and PayPal. I’d consider this among the best blog posts for explaining safe online shopping to someone unfamiliar with the internet, due to its constant comparison of online shopping with traditional shopping in malls.


1. Social Media Controls – Latest Tech News

Within this blog post , Tecdr uses an infographic to protray the minimum age restrictions on different social media platforms. The post also contains interesting statistics regarding the number of Irish children using social media. What makes this, in my opinion, the most interesting of Tecdr’s blog posts is his discussion of the ethics issue surrounding children using social media. He calls for more education on social media etiquette and for parents to think about their children allowing strangers an insight into their lives before allowing them use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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